🌳 09 December 2019 🌸☀
Your RCF daily Jo’burg weather

Today 2018 Avg
High 18°C 26°C 24°C
Low 13°C 13°C 14°C

Morning showers 🌧 . Cloudy  & Cool

🌤 Sunrise 05:08
🌙 Sunset 18:52
☀ Midday 11:59
🌘 Midnight 23:59
⏳ Length of day 13:44


✍🏼 *The EXTRA-BIT of useful/useless info* 👇🏼

When spotting an anxious person this morning, it could be that they have a fear of rain – a fairly common anxiety disorder seen in kids and adults alike known as Ombrophobia.

This phobia might also be accompanied by several different phobias like the fear of lightning and thunder (Astraphobia), fear of fog (Homichlophobia) or the fear of flooding (Antlophobia) and fear of drowning (Aquaphobia).

Whatever the case is, the non-stop rain would have caused Omprophobes a great deal of anxiety.  In sunny South Africa, it may have even created a few more Omprophobes this week.  The non-stop rain and no sun shine is not what we are use to, even though it’s gladly welcomed.

Kind regards, Zubair
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