🌳 11 October 2021 🌸☀ 🌸☀

The daily Jo’burg 🎡 potential weather

Today  11/10/20 Avg
High 23°C 14°C 24°C
Low 10°C 10°C 09°C

Sunny ☀️ day


Jo’burg sunrise/sunset times

🌤 Sunrise 05:36
🌙 Sunset 18:12
☀ Midday 11:54
🌘 Midnight 23:54
⏳ Length of day 12:36


✍🏼 *The EXTRA-BIT of useful/useless info* 👇🏼

Shakespeare’s family were not literate! 📖

William Shakespeare remains one of the most famous playwrights and poets of all time. Although he attended grammar school to master reading, writing, and Latin, it’s believed that his parents & children were almost entirely illiterate.

The ability to read & write ✍🏼 wasn’t necessary during the Elizabethan era, and although Shakespeare’s father, John, may have had a basic level of literacy, he signed his name with a mark, instead of his full name. His daughters, Susanna & Judith, are thought to be totally illiterate, although Susanna could write her name.

To read and write – is a function of education, but it’s not a measure of  a person’s intelligence, imagination or creativity.

Something to think 🤔 about 👇🏼

“Although we can all read & write, how many of us have written anything worthy of reading, and how many of us have read anything worthy of being written.”

Think about the various forms of social media and what gets written daily.


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