🌳 26 November 2019 🌸☀ 🌸☀
Your RCF daily Jo’burg weather

Today 2018 Avg
High 30°C 26°C 25°C
Low 14°C 13°C 12°C

*Every drop of water 💧is life…. Don’t waste it*

🌤 Sunrise 05-07
🌙 Sunset 18-42
☀ Midday 11-54
🌘 Midnight 23-55
⏳ Length of day 13-35

✍🏼 *The EXTRA-BIT of useful/useless info* 👇🏼

🐬 Dolphins sleep with one eye 👁 open. A survival skill for them.

🐬They don’t sleep in one long chunk like we do. They take only 15 minutes ⏰ to 20 minutes naps throughout the day and night.

🐬When dolphins sleep 💤 , only half of their brains 🧠 get shut down, which enables them to remain vigilant to the threat of life from predators and to regulate their breathing to avoid drowning.

🐬Scientists discovered that instead of ‘falling’ in sleep, one of dolphin’s hemispheres of its brain is active. It means, when one hemisphere of Dolphins is resting, the other hemisphere is active. So that the dolphin can be sure to open its blowhole above the water.

🐬Whichever brain hemisphere is active, the eye on opposite side remains open.

“🐬Dolphins literally sleep with one eye open.”

Kind regards, Zubair
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