19 March 2020

Dear readers….

Considering the virus spread curve, we are at a critical juncture, with the next two weeks crucial for the country.
Other countries went through the same or are currently going through the same. Taking adequate precautions to flatten the curve,  can break the tide of this Corona virus spread rate.


If we are reckless in our approach, we will have a big problem on our hands.  The elderly and people with weak immune systems, due to other illnesses are most susceptible to get severely ill.
The virus is now spreading through social and civilian contact, through everyday life, not just via oversees travelers anymore.  Gatherings, meetings, work places, family functions, social gatherings, gyms, malls, supermarkets, places of prayer and general places that people visit daily.  Traveling by car or flights, to holiday destinations are also to be limited.  Rather stay well, to fly and holiday, another day.


Let’s look at Italy. The reported cases soared between 15 Feb 2020 and 1 March 2020, from +/-250 cases to 10,000.   Not managing this next month properly could plunge us into deep trouble, where cases could range from thousands to hundreds of thousands, in a really extreme scenario.  Hence the ban on events & public gatherings, over a 100 people.   School closures are to safeguard us all. You, your kids, families and communities. The closed school days are not meant for them to be visiting friends, going to movies or socialising outside of home.   Yes, we could holiday, attend weddings or social gatherings and come away fine, but we could carry it to the next person, with a weak immune system, that may eventually die from contracting Covid 19.  All because we want to have a social outing.


Act responsibly folks. Stay alive, don’t socialise, until it’s safe again.


Ridgeway Community Forum