“We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next door neighbour.”

Gilbert K. Chesterton

Mission statement

  • The Forum aims to bring “You and I, our neighbours, our streets (extended neighbours) and greater suburb, our local ward councillor, our security companies and our community at large” together, to create awareness, active citizenry and social cohesion.


What We Do


  • We aide and assist each other, as neighbours.


  • We request assistance from the numerous council departments, for the upkeep of our suburb and surrounding suburbs by using the various technologies & communication platforms available. To escalate these reports to the councillor when needed, to speed up resolutions.


  • We protect & safeguard each other’s properties and lives from untoward elements, by being the eyes and ears for each other, the volunteer agencies and the security agencies we rely on, to respond in the time of need. Reporting suspicious vehicles, people and movements.  Remember, crime knows no colour, race, religion, gender or age.


  • We build community relationships by embracing the diversity that exists in the suburb we reside in, which in essence is a microcosm of the larger South Africa, we all call home.


  • We collate and thereby create a value chain for residents through encouraging the use of their services/offerings/business, by recommending their offerings, upon request, to residents.


  • We recommend services/goods/offerings/skills of residents – to residents, as it is requested.  Creating an internal localised economy.



What we don’t do


  • We do not promote adverts on the WhatsApp groups (not even for friends or family).  You will be removed without warning if you post an advert.


  • We do not stand for profanity, vulgarity or threats against people, being used either.


  •  Viral broadcast such as videos/Jokes also not promoted on the groups, but will selectively be allowed, if approved by myself.


  • We steer clear of religious and political posts, as these are divisive factors, that cause conflict between people, if not discussed amicably.



Not abiding by these simple rules could potentially lead to conflict within the community, which goes against the grain of what we aim to achieve.

Please feel free to engage me, on questions you may have, regarding this effort. Encourage your neighbours and family to join the initiative. It doesn’t cost you anything. If you are prepared to bring your neighbours/complex together, I will address them on how the Ridgeway Community Forum works.

It took many years to build this network. Please respect it.

Yours in community service




Ridgeway Community Forum

083 500 7675